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A motivational tool that actually works

Physical activity

Motiview increases physical activity levels, and contributes to longer and more frequent cycling sessions.

Cognitive stimulation

The films in the video library, with familiar buildings, streets and surroundings, contribute to memory recall, and reduction in anxiety and stress.

Social connectedness

Motiview provides inspiration for conversation topics, and an engaging social environment. Our videos, together with music, creates great social arenas.

Picture of Bethany Laughton

We do exercise programs, but we've never seen the recidents as engaged as they are with the Motiview program

Bethany Laughton, Courtyards on Eagleson, Canada
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Road Worlds for Seniors

Our own world championship

Every year, we arrange and facilitate several events, including Road Worlds for Seniors. The events are engaging thousands of cyclists, and are free of charge for all our customers and users. In our championship, all cyclists are winners and we celebrate every kilometer cycled with medals and certificates for each participant.

Video from Courtyards on Eagleson

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Wenche stopped falling when she started cycling

Wenche Gjertsen’s life was badly affected by daily falls. After three months’ training with Motiview, the frequency of falls was reduced drastically. – It’s an absolute revelation; it’s unbelievable, the 75-year-old says.

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