Where do you want to travel today?

Explore new places and familiar locations with our extensive collection of videos

Travel around the globe

Explore famous and less famous places around the world. Bring back memories from your holidays, or travel to new places.

Travel locally

How about visiting the place you've grown up? Or the streets you walked to get to the school 50 years ago?

Travel to exotic places

With access to the entire global video library, users can choose to explore places they never have been able to travel to. What about visiting the Eiffel tower, or the sandy beaches in Thailand. Or what about the busy streets of New York?

Take a trip down memory lane

We build a global library with local videos. Relive your childhood memories, cycle past the school you went to, or the church you got married in. We offer thousands of videos, million of memories.

Track activity

You can monitor the progress, and keep the data stored safely

Join exciting events

As a customer, you get access to exciting events, included in your license for free

Keep your data safe

We comply with local laws and regulations to safely store and manage data

Illustration for Use any kind of training equipment

Use any kind of training equipment

Even though Motiview works best when enjoyed together with pedals, Motiview can be used with any kind of training equipment. You don't even need a bike to travel around!

See our recommended bikes and accessories

The largest sporting event for seniors

As a Motiview customer, you can participate in Road Worlds for Seniors and other exciting events for free

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