A bike ride for the memory books

2022 has been the year of volunteering. The year, which is anchored in the government's Volunteering Report, focuses on the wonderful work volunteers all over Norway put in every single day.

There has been many events throughout the year and one of them was the Cycle Tour 2022. Here, volunteers cycled the length of Norway, from Nordkapp to Arendalsuka, via Lindesnes. Along the route teams, organizations, municipalities and volunteering centers had over 250 events to highlight the importance of volunteering.

Motitech one of the organizers

Motitech was, together with good forces such as Norway's Volunteer Centers and Cycling without Age, one of the organizers of the key event Sykkelturen 2022 ("Cycle Tour 2022") - a project with the slogan "More activity - More joy".

The main aim of the cycle trip was to highlight the added value of feeling useful in the society, and experiencing good relationships in everyday life.

Motiview is a video library that contains over 2,200 videos from all over the world. Over a thousand of these are from Norway. Elderly people who could not follow the cycle tour physically in the open air were offered to cycle to the videos in Motiview.

In several places, there were volunteers who facilitated the cycle trips, whether it was at the nursing home, the activity center, at the Volunteer Center or in home rehabilitation.

Motiview - a tool for voluntary work

Using volunteers to facilitate cycling with Motiview or as a conversational partner to share experiences is becoming more widely used.

In several places in Norway, this has been implemented through voluntary organizations such as Lions, visitor friends, volunteer centers, dementia associations, schools and others.

The feedback is very positive both from the cyclists themselves and from the volunteers. Here there are a lot of opportunities for a good conversation combined with physical activity.