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Masfjorden municipality on the west coast of Norway aims to postpone the need for home care and nursing home. The tool is a project called "Home training for everyday health".

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Motiview used in home care

A nursing home in Masfjorden, Norway has used Motiview with their stationary bikes for several years. Since the introduction of Motiview, the bikes are used full time in the nursing home, but also used in a community based program too. After seeing the positive effect cycling with Motiview had on the users, the municipality decided to expand the program.

Home-based Training

In January 2019, the municipality started a project called "Home training for everyday health". The program is particularly aimed at people living at home who do not use services from the home-based programs, but who have experienced a reduction in their own health and functional level to such an extent that it affects their activities of daily living.

“We wanted residents at home to also have the opportunity to train with bicycles and Motiview videos. That's why we went to purchase 2 bicycles, but after only a few months we had to buy a third”, says Åse Elin Solheim - a manager of the project "Home training for everyday health" and resource person for ‘welfare technology’ in the municipality.

“The goal of the project is to increase independence on challenging activities or at least reduce the need for assistance - It's about improving the quality of life and postponing the need for admission to a nursing home, as well as easing the pressure on home care services.” says Solheim.

Doctors and Relatives

Masfjorden has advertised the program on the municipality's own websites, as well as in a village newspaper that goes out to the residents. This has resulted in several inquiries from seniors themselves, but also from relatives and referrals from doctors.

“We are a small municipality so we do not have many potential participants, but it is of course important that everyone understands that an offer exists…and that can be a challenge”, says the project manager, who adds that it is important to have a good collaboration with the medical professionals as they are an important mediator of the offer: “It is a good help for the doctor to be able to refer people to such a program where they receive a follow-up.” Alternatively, referrals to physiotherapists often result in long waiting times.

Interdisciplinary Team Approach

Masfjorden already uses Motiview and bicycles for home-based services. The team that offers cycling in everyday rehabilitation is separate from the home-based services.

When the municipality receives interest, a multidisciplinary team consisting of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse and auxiliary nurse is contacted. The team also has the opportunity to collaborate with a doctor to ensure sufficient knowledge about which interventions are necessary and appropriate for each individual.

An evaluation visit is then carried out and an individual training plan is drawn up. Physical measures of wellbeing are evaluated before and after the completion of the training program.

“The feedback so far is that the users think it's great fun to be able to cycle to these films and listen to the music. And we simply measure progress by seeing how much longer they cycle each time.”, says Solheim, who adds that there are also other physical activities than cycling that are used.

Help with New Technology

When the team is around, they bring a mobile bike and laptop loaded with Motiview videos. With some of the users, the equipment is left for a few days, while others get to use it for the allotted training time before it is taken on to the next program participant.

“We are aware that we can also help with other things than just training. There may be other problems in everyday life that can be solved with welfare technology or other aids. We will be able to help with this through our interdisciplinary team”, says Solheim.

The project is initially intended to last until the end of the year, but based on the preliminary feedback and reports on the effect, it may appear that the project will be continued.

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