Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a term that has gained more and more traction in recent years. But what exactly is social entrepreneurship and why are more and more companies seeing themselves as social entrepreneurs?

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It is about developing a technological solution or service that helps solve a social problem. It does not necessarily have to be a new invention, but an improvement of an existing solution.

The solutions are often created by people who themselves have experience with an unsolved social problem. The solutions are then developed in good dialogue with the target group.

This was the case when The agency for nursing homes in Bergen municipality aimed to achieve a higher level of activity among residents of the city's nursing homes back in 2012. But the lack of motivational factors did not get the results they wanted.

A few minute-by-minute videos from the streets of Bergen published on DVD discs became the important motivating factor. These DVDs later developed into the Motiview video library. A concept that was created in close collaboration with employees in the health sector.

In 2017, Motitech was named social entrepreneur of the year by the company Ferd Sosiale Entreprenører. The jury highlighted, among other things, that Motitech has a clear social mission, and contributes to both health-promoting and social solutions.

- There is a lot of talk about fintech, but medtech is at least as important. Motitech combines innovative digital solutions with training to increase the quality of life among the elderly and people with dementia. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved, said jury leader Johan H. Andresen during the award ceremony.

Social entrepreneurship is about creating social or societal value rather than exclusively creating value for shareholders.

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