Training Equipment

Since there is no interaction between the bike and the Motiview videos, you can use any type of training device.

The majority still use stationary pedals for training. It is also what we recommend since the videos are at a cycling pace.
If users have physical challenges that make it difficult to sit on a normal stationary bike or use a pedal set, we recommend investing in a specially adapted exercise bike.
These bikes have an auxiliary engine, arm and leg trainers and can be used by both able-bodied and people with reduced function such as wheelchair users.

Here are some examples of pedals we can recommend:

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Ex N Flex 250 & 300

The Ex N’ Flex EF-250 is very compact, sturdy and easily movable with specially designed wheels and lock downs. In passive mode, the legs are rotated by the electric motor in an orbital motion similar to cycling.  In active mode you can assist the motor to move the pedals with your own muscles.

The EF-300 is a smaller more compact motorized exercise therapy device which can be utilized on a tabletop for arms and shoulders as well as on the floor for legs.

MEDUP V2 Active-Passive Cycle Trainer

This upper and lower body active-passive cycle trainer can move between passive, assisted and active modes and isokinetic modes.

Combo Bike

European designed and manufactured, the ComboBike has the SyncroMovement and 9 levels or magnetic resistance allow you to start slowly and build your way up. The LED display allows you to track distance, speed, and time.

Cubii (Move, Go, Total Body+, JR & JR2+ Options)

These pedals have an elliptical motion that engages the ankles to a greater extent. Various levels of resistance and a handle for easy carrying. Much lower cost as they do not have a motor for passive mode.